We simple create webpages for users to help improving and/or creating recommended business. We can start you up with a  "domain name" and "file transfer (ftp)" for your website. Our Web Designers, Script Writers, Telephone Programmers can get your business started Professionally. Please contact us for any questions at the above contact form.
Established since 1987
Telephone Lines Includes Features like: Auto Attendant and comes with Call Waiting, Call Divert, Calling Cards, Voice Response, Appointment, Accounting, Custom Call Center and many more.  Hundreds of other features are all included!
The success of Florida Network USA makes it possible for Communications We deliver reliable solutions that satisfy the consumer. Support VoIP-phone. Basic as well as complex telephone systems with Open Source communications software.

We only have openings for a few more members.
The computer club will only service no more than 30 members per year
The Computer Club offers free advice to current members who are residence in Florida. House Calls are limited to solving Website, Software and Telephone issues. They do cover, phone support and/or hardware issues. We can generally respond to a request within a week, but depending on demand it may take longer. We can also recommend paid consultants endorsed by the club to handle most issues or if you require a more immediate response.